Xiaomi Launches Dashboard Camera 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR

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Recently Xiaomi has announced the presence of new products through its MIJIA crowdfounding platform. The new product is Xiaomi’s 118th product launched through the platform. The new product is named 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR, which is a dashboard camera with affordable price.
Xiaomi Smart Car DVR
Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR comes with Sony IMX323 image sensor capable of recording video up to 1080p resolution and will offer sharp quality images. The camera is also equipped with a wide angle lens of 130 ° which can include a wider viewing angle. This camera is tubular, where the camera lens is located on the side of the tube.
This dashboard camera has a round lens made entirely of glass with 7 layers of coating that enhances light transmission, reduces reflections and prevents cracked glass from extremely high temperatures. This camera can also rotate, so users can direct the viewing angle of this camera.
Xiaomi Smart Car DVR
Uniquely, this dashboard camera supports voice commands, where the sounds have been tested so that the camera can recognize the sounds even though using different accents.
As for the power button the camera is located at one end of the dashbor camera and is surrounded by light. The indicator light comes with three different colors, including blue, green and red. The blue color indicates the device has been activated and the green color marks if the camera has been recording. As for the red color is an indication of the recording session is not normal.

The required power of this camera is also fairly low, although this camera has WiFi support. The existence of this WiFi connection allows dashcam to connect with smartphone and users can see in real-time. Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart Car is worth 189 yuan.

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