Xiaomi Launches New Smart Water Heater Viomi

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The Xioami MIJIA crowdfounding platform has launched an innovative product, and this time the company released its 113th product that became the Viomi Smart Water Heater. This is a water heater that has a water capacity of 4L at a price of 499 yuan
Viomi Smart Water Heater can be used to store water at three temperature ranges, ie room temperature, heat up to 50 degrees Celsius and also temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius. Because this is a smart device, so this device can be controlled via smartphone. That way, you can get the desired water temperature just by clicking the button on the smartphone.
This special application also allows users to monitor water quality at any time and later there will be a reminder to clean the pipes every time the water changes. Viomi Smart Water Heater is also equipped with a water level sensor, where it will send reminders to connected user smartphones to reduce water levels or take action to stop water heating when the water level is too low.

Viomi Smart Water Heater is also equipped with a temperature sensor that ensures the temperature will not exceed the maximum limit. For the body, Viomi Smart Water Heater has a lid that is difficult to open by children who certainly serves to secure hot water from the reach of children. How, interested to have this Viomi Smart Water Heater?

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