Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera with 12MP + 12MP Dual-Camera Setup

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One of the main reasons when choosing a smartphone is the quality of the camera is qualified, because today the smartphone device to be a reliable gadget to handle all the needs including photography. Even today many mobile photography enthusiasts are relying on smartphone cameras to capture artistic photos.

Xiaomi become one of the most popular brand at this time, because they offer a device with a specification that qualified, but dibanderol with a sloping price. One of their latest smartphone is Mi Note 3.
For those of you who are not familiar with this smartphone, basically Mi Note 3 comes with the same design as the Mi 6, only bigger size. Despite the differences between the two smartphones, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is said to have a better dual-camera setup than the Mi 6, as it brings improved portrait algorithms.
Not only announced the presence of this smartphone, Xiaomi also participate exhibit the photos by using a dual-camera setup Mi Note 3, which is able to give effect bokeh or blur in the background. This smartphone’s smartphone setup also offers two optical zooms as well as OIS 4-axis. The following is the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 photo.

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