Xiaomi Mi Note 3, Got 6GB RAM?

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Previously we have reported that at the launch of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 on September 11th the company will not launch Mi MIX 2 only, but there are other devices. Like last year, Xiaomi seems to be launching Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 with Mi Note 3, which the company recently uploaded teaser on Mi Note 3.
The first teaser for Mi Note 3 this time featured brand ambassador for Xiaomi Mi 5X, namely Wu Yifan which looks holding dual-camera smartphone that is similar to Xiaomi Mi 6. It seems Mi Note 3 will look like Mi 6, but will have screen of 5 , 5 inches larger than the Mi 6 but smaller than Mi Note 2 which has a 5.7 inch screen. Not even mentioned if the screen Mi Note 3 will be curved.
Unfortunately Xiaomi this time just chose to use Snapdragon 660 for Mi Note 3, not the flagship chipset from Qualcomm. Even this also broke the speculation that if Mi Note 3 will come with Snapdragon 836, because the chipset is not really there. But as an entertainer, Mi Note 3 will come with 6GB of RAM.
Mi Note 3 will also be available in 64GB and 128GB storage options, but not mentioned the type of SIM and microSD slot that will diusungnya. In addition to the size of the screen becomes smaller, the battery capacity of this smartphone also becomes smaller, which is 3500mAh. Fortunately Xiaomi pinning features Quick Charge 4.0 which makes charging faster.
Mi Note 3 will also come with a dual camera rear setup, where the camera will have the same configuration as that of Xiaomi Mi 6. So you get two 12MP cameras that have wide-angle + telephoto lens. As for the front camera is said to have a 16MP sensor.

The body that will be carried this smartphone is said to be made of glass with four sides are curved and has an aluminum frame. This smartphone will also have a special face unlock feature that uses a smart identification system with a kind of RGB sensor system to identify the owner’s face. Mi Note 3 will also have NFC support. Unfortunately for now there has been no details about the price Mi Note 3.

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