Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Octa-Core CPU Variant with Fingerprint Sensor Also Appears In TENAA

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Previously we have reported the emergence of a new smartphone with MDT6 model number on the TENAA site which is expected to be Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A. Smartphone has a specification similar to Redmi 4A, where the most noticeable difference is on the screen size to 5.5 inches and 3000mAh battery. Now other devices with MDE6S model number have appeared in TENAA which is expected to be Redmi Note 5A higher variant.
This is because the specifications carried by this variant smartphone is higher than the model number MDT6. MDE6S variants will also come with a 5.5-inch HD 720 resolution screen, but will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset that has an octa-core processor and juxtaposed with 3GB of RAM. As for the storage capacity of 32GB.

Different from the Snapdragon 425 variant that does not have fingerprint sensor, the MDE6S model has a fingerprint sensor located on the back. This higher model also has a better camera, which is 16MP on the back and 13MP on the front. But for the battery capacity is only 3.000mAh the same as the MDT6 variant.
In addition, Snapdragon 430 variant is available only in black, rose gold, gold, white, and gray, while the MDT6 variant has additional color options such as blue, red, and pink.
Because TENAA only displays model numbers, it is difficult to determine if this is a Redmi 5A or Redmi Note 5A, given that Xiaomi has never released Redmi Note 4A before. But if it is Redmi 5A, the screen is carried by this handset as wide as 5.5 inches which is usually carried Redmi Note series.

Although not yet known exactly when this smartphone will be launched, but considering it appears on the site TENAA, it seems that soon Xiaomi will announce the next generation of smartphone line and we can find out if this Redmi 5A or Redmi Note 5A.

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