Xiaomi Soon Launches the Smallest TV Smart

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Not only intense in launching smartphone products, Xiaomi also offers a range of smart TVs that come in various sizes. For now, Mi TV with the largest size is 65 inches. As for the smallest size Xiaomi currently owned is 40 inches. But it seems Xiaomi still have another smart TV that will be smaller, where the TV has been certified 3C.

Xiaomi’s latest Smart TV will be smaller than 40 inches that comes with the L32M5-AZ1 model number and is manufactured by Beijing Xiaomi Eletronics Co.Ltd even though its manufacturer name is as TCL Overseas Electronics (Huizhou) Co. Ltd. Based on the model number, we can think that the smart TV has a 32-inch screen that will make it as Xiaomi’s smallest smart TV.

The average 32-inch TV is currently priced at ¥ 1,299 (Rp2,5 million) and Xiaomi’s cheapest current TV smart is the 43-inch Mi TV 4A which is priced at ¥ 1899 (Rp3,7 million). Xiaomi may decide to sell her new TV for ¥ 1299 or even lower. This smaller size is also very suitable for those who live in houses or small apartments. Unfortunately not known for the release date of Xiaomi’s latest smart TV.

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