YouTube Launch Music Subscription Service

YouTube Will Launch Music Subscription Service In March 2018?

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Currently we can already use music subscription services like Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, and others. But not a few smartphone users who also listen to music through the YouTube service, given the service is also free for all users accessible. But it seems YouTube will be presenting separate music subscription service.


As reported by Blooberg, YouTube is said to be working on a new service to subscribe to music. This is not YouTube’s first attempt at creating a music subscription service, but a report from Bloomberg has suggested that the company could make a third attempt.


The report also claims that Warner Music Group has signed up to participate in Youtube’s music subscription project, where the music service is rumored to be released in March 2018. In addition, YouTube is also said to be in talks with Sony, Universal, and Merlin which is a consortium representing various independent labels.


YouTube’s music subscription service is claimed to be named YouTube Remix, which can basically be a mix between YouTube Red and Google Play Music. The service will offer users on-demand streaming for music, as well as access to video clips from the music. For now it is unclear whether this new service will convince customers to sign up, which obviously we should look forward to next year to find out the truth.

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